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Signalator Autotrader

Your time is the most valuable resource you have. We recognize this; therefore,we offer you free auto trades execution as part of our services. Do your main activities while our signals generate you profits round the clock. All you have to do is choose any MT4 broker and subscribe to any Signalator signals forex paid service. Signalator signals forex Autotrader then acts as a connection manager between your trading platform and the Signalator signals forex website - nothing more. Autotrader connects to your account with Signalator signals forex and takes all the necessary steps to execute your active signals.

How the Autotrader works?

Step 1. Subscribe to any paid service from Signalator signals forex (either monthly based subscription or guaranteed pips subscription). You won't be able to use Autotrader with a free subscription to Signalator signals forex services.

Step 2. Open an account with any forex broker which has an MetaTrader 4 Platform (MT4), and provide your broker account number to your personal manager (otherwise trades cannot be automatically executed). We are not asking for any other access information - only the account number.

Step 3. Attach an Expert Advisor Script which takes trade information from our website directly to your trading platform. Use the following installation instructionsunderstand what the requirements are and to set up the auto trading.

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Installation manual

1. Download the required script from the following table. Please note: each signal requires its own script to be installed on your platform and is required to be installed on a separate chart. To download a file, click it (if it is open in a browser right click and choose save).

Save as files
Click image to enlarge

2. Save the file to the following directory: Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (Program Files (x86)) > MT4 Broker Platform (The name of your broker) > Experts

Save directory
Click image to enlarge

3.1 Open a new chart for the chosen currency. Please note: you can not use 1 chart for more than 1 EA (neither Signalator signals forex nor 3rd party). Otherwise, the Autotrader won't work properly.

Open a new chart

3.2 Attach the desired Autotrader to the selected chart by clicking the right mouse button on a chosen Autotrader from the list of Expert Advisors. If you do not see the Autotrader, make sure you have copied the file to the correct directory listed above.

Attach to chart

3.3 Check all the options the same way as it is indicated in the picture within the common window. To manually accept trades offered by a Signalator signals forex Autotrader, check the "Ask Manual Confirmation" option. In this case, all new trades and updates will require your manual confirmation before the actual execution.

Autotrader Configuration
Click image to enlarge

3.4 Click the input tab, and enter your login to your Signalator signals forex account in the "Login" field. Please note: you are required to enter your login exactly the same way as you use it for login to the Signalator signals forex website. This login is case sensitive.

Data Configuration
Click image to enlarge

3.5 By default, the opening amount is set to 0.1 lot. You can change it by typing the required amount into the "Lot" field. 0.1 lot means 1 mini lot, 1.0 lot is 1 Standard Lot. You may configure each Autotrader to use its own opening amount.

Opening amount configuration
Click image to enlarge

4 Finally double click the "ok" button. If everything was entered correctly, you will find the following image at the top right corner of the chart window you attached the Autotrader to. Well done! You are ready to use Autotrading services from Signalator signals forex.


Conditions and Requirements

FAQ Is it possible to have all trades auto executed? Can I install my trade platform on your server? How long does it take to execute trades automatically?
I don’t trust robots. Why should I use autotrader? I have troubles installing and/or running Autotrader. What I’m supposed to do?
What lot size is used and who decides how many lots to open?   My broker has 5 digits currency rates. Will Autotrader work with that?  
Does the platform need to be online all the time for proper auto trading?  

1. The very first rule you have to comply with is the following idea: 1 Autotrader Signal = 1 Chart (Using several Autotraders on one chart window will make the execution impossible.)

2. The Autotrader from Signalator signals forex can only work if your trading platform is opened and if it is connected to the internet. Otherwise, it won't operatel. Signalator signals forex offers you a "Full Automation Add-On." We will install your platform on our private server and make all the required configurations. Your trading platform will be working on the same server as ours, so you will be receiving the same results as we do. This option is free with any subscription, however, you will not have an access to the server.
If you need your own login and password to our server, this option is very similar to VPS (Virtual Private Server). We will provide you with a unique login and password and you will be granted full access to your trading platform on our server. This is offered through "Extended server installation" - buy now.

3. If you change the timeframe of a chart the Autotrader is connected to or close and re-open the trading terminal, current positions could be closed and re-opened. These kinds of operations are configured within the Autotrader.

4. Signalator signals forex Autotrader uses currency rates in the following format: "EURUSD," "GBPUSD" and so on. Most brokers and dealing companies use this currency pair format. However, some use their own format such as "EURUSDfx," "EURUSDFXF" and so on. The Autotrader from Signalator signals forex won't work properlywith these special formats. If you are affected by this situation, please contact your personal manager for re-configuration of Autotrader (free of charge).

Wrong Currency
Click image to enlarge

Specific rates

5. Updating the opening lot configuration. If you would like to update the opening lot configuration, you have to remove the desired EA first and install it again with the new values for opening lot amounts. If you simply change the volume with the working EA, you will receive Error 131 for the next closing/opening of a position.

Errors and Troubleshooting

Error 130. If your installed EA always gives you Error 130 and also gives a comment such as one of the following - "2011.02.01 09:49:42 e15 EURUSD,H1: Alert: The Stop Loss and Take Profits are placed too close and can not be executed. Price = 1.37494000, SL = 1.36550000, TP = 1.38360000" - most likely your broker has a specific configuration. This issue is easily solved with one simple option changed in the "Input" options of the EA. Open your EA input details, and change the last field option (noInstant) to the value "true" as shown in the picture to the right. Once this is completed along with the other configuration options described above, the EA should work perfectly.

Specific broker configuration
Click image to enlarge

One of the main problems occurring while using Signalator signals forex Autotrader is "Trade context is busy." It means that nothing is wrong, but the server is too busy to execute your order due to the queue of orders. You are not required to react in any manner.

Trade context busy
Click image to enlarge

If you place an Autotrader to a wrong chart or your broker does not have a common currency rates ticker, you will receive the following message "Incorrect currency pair. Should be XXXXXX." If you are sure you are trying to attach an Autotrader to the correct chart, refer to Item 1 above: not common currency rates ticker problem.

Wrong Currency
Click image to enlarge

From time to time, you may receive the following message: "Error while calling InternetOpenUrlA()". It means that there are or there were difficulties with the connection between trading platform, broker server and Signals Forex server. It happens sometimes, and it requires no special attention from your side.

Specific rates


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